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Visalus Compensation Plan
Visalus Compensation Plan

Learn how to make this Dream Car a Reality for You!.

Earn an income and a BMW Bonus with Body By Vi™!

Does Body By VI Really Work?
Does Body By VI Really Work?

Thousands upon thousands have undertaken the Body By VI 90-Day Challenge.

Is it producing the results they are looking for?

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Welcome to Body by Vi

One of the largest personal health movements in history to ever hit North America has finally made its way across the pond. Bringing with it is a massive potential for a widespread personal health transformation and an extraordinary income opportunity for those who get in on the ground level.

Visalus has introduced the Body By VI Diet to the UK. If the success the Body by Vi Diet has had in North America is any indication of what’s to come the UK is headed for a big wave of life changing momentum that can only help turn around the obesity epidemic and economic recession that have burdened the United Kingdom for quite some time now.

We have put together a team of Health Professionals better known as “Team Transformers” that are here to assist you in reaching your goals. They have all used Body By Vi to improve their personal health and helped others do the same all while gaining a significant level of financial freedom in the process. Access to their expertise will greatly assist you in achieving your goals. Click here to meet them.

ViSalus™ or Visalus Independent Distributor cannot ever guarantee that everyone will make an income with our opportunity. While everyone’s income goals are different, we recomend that you treat your Visalus Distributorship as a business and that you dedicate the time and energy you feel are necessary to reach your goals. Success with Visalus results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, and leadership.